German Picture Dictionary

German Picture Dictionary
Author: Angela Wilkes
Publisher: Passport Books
ISBN: 978-0844221595
Date: 1986
Pages: 94
Format: PDF
Size: 17.64MB
Language: English/German

Age Range: 7 and up.
Colorful drawings illustrate the meanings of more than 1000 common words in German and English. The German Picture Dictionary is for everyone who is beginning to study German. Through it, you are introduced to 1 ,200 of the most commonly used words in both English and German. Practically all of the words in this dictionary are illustrated with colorful, lighthearted pictures. Each illustrated word is translated and then appears in a German sentence below its picture. The sentence shows you how that word is used in German. There is also an English translation of each sentence to help you if you do not understand all of the German words.