Hugo : German in 3 Months

Hugo : German in 3 Months
Publisher: DK
ISBN: 1405391561
Date: 2011
Pages: 272
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 426MB

Learn to speak German fast with this practical and entertaining course for beginners. Sprechen die Deutsch? Learn to speak German in three short months with Hugo’s world-renowned book and CD pack, Hugo in 3 Months CD Language Course: German , and you will soon be answering with a resounding Ja! . The three 70-minute CDs guide you through the carefully structured, week-by-week, course helping you learn to understand and speak German faster than you thought possible. Pick up essential grammar and build vocabulary through word lists, key German phrases and model sentences. Develop conversation skills through exercises based on real-life scenarios so whether you are ordering the finest ale at the Munich Bierfest or exploring this fascinating country, you will feel confident in understanding and speaking the language. Hugo in 3 Months CD Language Course : German is fun, accurate and great value for money – learning German has never been so easy!