Lernwortschatz Deutsch — Learning German Words

Lernwortschatz Deutsch — Learning German Words
Author: Diethard Lübke
Publisher: Hueber
ISBN: 3190064008
Date: 2001
Pages: 242
Format: PDF
Size: 16.9MB
Language: Englisch/Deutsch

Lernwortschatz Deutsch — Learning German Words is a learning aid that will be a considerable help to you as you learn German:
1. A big dictionary, such as the German Wahrig, contains more than lOO.OOO words. It is quite impossible to learn them all. LemwortscHatz Deutsch contains only those German words that are used in modern German, the German that everyone speaks.
2. Have you ever tried learning words from an alphabetical list? If you have, you will know how hard it is. It is much easier to learn words that belong to the same topic area: traffic, pedestrian, bicycle, car, taxi, bus, truck … This is why this learner’s dictionary doesn’t contain alphabetical lists, but topic-based lists instead. If you want to look up a particular word, you can do so with the help of the two indexes at the back of the book.
3. Learning individual words is useful; but it is much more useful to learn how words are used, because you want to use them when you speak, discuss things or write texts in German. To show you the correct use of a word, examples, expressions and collocations have been included in a special third column.
This is how to use this learner’s dictionary: Each page has three columns
— the German words on the left
— the English translation in the middle
— German examples on the right.
In the third column on the right, the German vocabulary item is replaced with a tilde (—).
This layout makes it possible to learn the words like this: First you read the vocabulary items carefully through, then …
1. cover up the English translations with a sheet of paper and say the meaning of the German words from memory.
2. cover up the left-hand column, read the English translations and say the German words from memory.
3. cover up the left-hand column and say aloud the examples in the third column, where the German vocabulary item is replaced by a tilde.