Phrasebook German

Phrasebook German
Publisher: T&P books
ISBN: 9781786160423
Date: 2015
Pages: 212
Format: AZW3, PDF
Size: 6.3MB
Language: English/German

English-German phrasebook and 3000-word topical vocabulary

The collection of “Everything Will Be Okay” travel phrasebooks published by T&P Books is designed for people traveling abroad for tourism and business. The phrasebooks contain what matters most – the essentials for basic communication. This is an indispensable set of phrases to “survive” while abroad.

Some of the topics included in the phrasebook are: Asking for directions, Signs, Transportation, Buying tickets, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping, Greetings, Acquaintances, Communication, Gratitude, Health problems, Apologies, Farewell, and more.

This book also includes a small topical vocabulary that contains roughly 3,000 of the most frequently used words. Another section of the phrasebook provides a gastronomical dictionary that may help you order food at a restaurant or buy groceries at the store.

Take “Everything Will Be Okay” phrasebook with you on the road and you’ll have an irreplaceable traveling companion who will help you find your way out of any situation and teach you to not fear speaking with foreigners.

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