Routledge Intensive German Course

Routledge Intensive German Course
Author: Paul Hartley
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415253462
Date: 2006
Pages: 288
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 134MB

Designed for those with no previous knowledge of the language, this intensive course in German is lively, fast-paced, and provides students with a wide range of activities, taking them from beginner to intermediate level in one year.
Varied and rewarding, it is ideally suited to those students following a German language program either as a specialist route, or as part of an institution-wide language program designed for non-specialists.
Carefully structured and easy to follow, each chapter contains:
• initial details of the themes and grammatical structures to be covered
• a “Language Focus” section, with explanation of grammatical structures
• a “Language in Use” section, with exercises to test knowledge of the work covered in “Language Focus.”
Providing an original and distinctive approach to language learning, the course also incorporates a basic grounding in German politics, society and current issues, allowing students to develop a sound understanding of German culture.
To perfect listening and pronunciation skills, audio materials are presented on accompanying CDs, and guidance for tutors.