Stimmt! Edexcel GCSE German

Stimmt! Edexcel GCSE German
Author: Harriette Lanzer, Michael Spencer, Carolyn Batstone, Lisa Probert
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 9781292205342
Date: 2016
Pages: 225
Format: PDF
Size: 42.1MB
Language: English/German

Stimmt! for Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) German is designed to help all of your students shine. Providing strong continuation from our popular KS3 courses, our new resources drive engagement through interesting, culture-focused content, and support you to prepare students for the new GCSE (9-1) assessments.

Differentiated Higher and Foundation tier resources designed to give students the tools to apply language in different contexts, enabling them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to the best of their ability.
Stimmt! resources are designed to support you to teach the skills students will need, such as translation and understanding authentic and literary texts, and will help you to understand what is expected at each tier in the new linear assessments.
Students are most motivated when they are learning something new besides the language itself – Stimmt! resources use real life contexts and cultural content to give a sense of purpose to language learning.