Teach Yourself Further German

Teach Yourself Further German
Author: Paul Coggle
Publisher: Hodder Education
Date: 1994
Pages: 374
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 224MB

This book is designed specially for the learner who already has a basic knowledge of the language. If you have completed Teach Yourself German or any other beginner’s German course, Teach Yourself Further German will enable you to build on what you have learnet and improve ability to communicate. Ten units cover a wide range of topics, focusing on the kind of practical, everyday situation you may encounter in a German-speaking country. Each unit contains several dialogs or transcripts of interviews and German broadcast material. These are followed by explanations of key structures and vocabulary and, most importantly, plenty of language activities allowing you to practise what you have learnt. Teach Yourself Further German is the ideal way to extend your communicative language skills and may be used successfully both as an independent course of study and as a supplement to class work.