The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary

The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary
Publisher: Oxford-Duden
Date: 1990
ISBN: 0198641419
Pages: 1696
Format: PDF
Size: 91MB
Language: English/German

The result of a unique ten-year collaboration between two of the world’s foremost dictionary publishers, The Oxford Duden German Dictionary offers the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date coverage available of the general vocabulary of contemporary German and English.
The two teams worked simultaneously, each living in their own country–in daily contact with other native speakers and in direct touch with changes in their own language–with regular joint sessions in Mannheim and Oxford to guarantee a balanced and completely consistent treatment. This sharing of expertise has resulted in a new kind of dictionary, one that is truly bilingual, not only in its language, but in all the details of its conception and realization–a dictionary that meets the needs of both English and German speakers in the 1990s, whether they wish to write or speak the foreign language or to translate from it.
Here is a state-of-the-art reference work with all the features you would expect from an Oxford Dictionary. It is:
Authoritative: Based on the language data-bases of two of the world’s foremost dictionary makers and written by two expert teams of native speakers
Comprehensive: Offers the broadest possible coverage of modern English and German, plus regional variations from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (for German), Britain, Australia, and the United States (for English)
Up to date: Compiled by native speakers in intimate contact with changes in their language, this lexicon is right up to the minute, with entries for such recent coinages as “acid rain,” “AIDS,” “compact disc” and “cable television”
Easy to Use: Entries are composed according to what will be most helpful to native speakers, there are many cross-references to help locate words that could appear in more than one place, and idiomatic expressions are clearly explained, even when they appear deep within a definition.
Drawing on unparalleled resources, this outstanding dictionary will be the first choice of students, teachers, and translators, as well as anyone else wanting a clear and authoritative English-German dictionary.