The Rough Guide Phrasebook German

The Rough Guide Phrasebook German
Publisher: Rough Guides
ISBN: 1843536269
Date: 2006
Pages: 272
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 34.3MB
Language: English/German

Whether you want to reserve a hotel room, sample the local beer or simply find out what time the bank opens – The Rough Guide German Phrasebook will help you all the way. With A-Z English to German and A-Z German to English translations, this pocket-sized phrasebook will have you speaking the language as soon as you arrive. There are 16-pages of additional scenarios, from buying a train ticket and posting a letter to ordering a coffee and asking for directions. Recorded by native German speakers, the scenarios are available as downloadable audio files either to your computer or iPod – ideal for practicing your pronunciation. The phrasebook also includes a detailed grammar section and a helpful menu and drinks list reader to ensure you always get what you want in a restaurant. With this phrasebook in your hand you will never run out of things to say – Gute Reise!