Webster’s New World 575+ German Verbs

Webster’s New World 575+ German Verbs
Author: Ed Swick
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0764599151
Date: 2006
Pages: 708
Format: PDF
Size: 3.3MB
Language: English/German

Now mastering German verbs is easier than ever. Whether you need to speak German more fluently for business, want to brush up for a trip, or want to make the grade in high school or college, Webster’s New World 575+ German Verbs is the only verb reference you need. This practical resource lists verbs alphabetically and includes examples demonstrating the meaning and function of the verbs to ensure that you know how to use them correctly!
Webster’s New World 575+ German Verbs is compact, yet comprehensive. It’s packed with 575 “everyday” verbs, additional verbs to expand your vocabulary, and numerous helpful features:
* 575 verbs, fully conjugated in easy-to-read charts
* Full conjugation includes all persons, the three moods, and all tenses
* A comprehensive verb usage review that gives you a strong foundation in German verb conjugation
* More than 1,500 additional verbs in the infinitive form, fully crossreferenced
* Examples of common idiomatic uses
* An appendix of irregular verb forms for quick reference
* Full English-to-German index of all 2,000+ verbs