Yabla German

Yabla German
Publisher: Yabla
Date: 2012-2015
Format: MP4, HTML
Size: 19.09GB

Learn German by watching German videos in an online video player designed for language learners.
Only Yabla language immersion sites give you authentic television, music videos, drama, interviews, travel, and Yabla exclusive shoots from throughout the world. Our unique Smart Subtitle™ technology is designed with language learners in mind: Slow Play, Integrated Dictionaries, Listening Game, Dual Language Subtitles, and more.
Authentic Spanish videos for adult learners, educators, and students featuring contemporary German TV, music, film, travel, and exclusive Yabla shoots.
This is a full rip. This means that the videoplayer with every video is included. This means selectable subs, slow play and so on.