Colori d’Italia : Testi e attività per corsi avanzati

Colori d’Italia : Testi e attività per corsi avanzati
Author: Paola Quadrini and Alessandro Zannirato
Publisher: Delta
ISBN: 9788898433094
Date: 2015
Pages: 136
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 131 Mb
Level: C1, C2

An innovative language and culture course for advanced students of Italian designed to consolidate the four key skills and to encourage both linguistic and cultural reflection (CEFR C1-C2).

This versatile resource presents a series of communicative exercises that help students to discuss and reflect on a host of aspects relating to Italian culture and society.

Each of the eight independent units are inspired by a particular human emotion: fear, amazement, shame, love, hate, pleasure, anger and hilarity. These broad themes are explored through a variety of authentic materials which include artistic works, literary texts and journalistic articles. Students can delve deeper into the featured topics with the aid of a dedicated online blog: The blog provides additional audio-visual material together with further written texts and links to external online resources.

The modular structure gives teachers and students complete flexibility; approach each unit as a standard course or as a rich selection of individual supplementary resources. The book is accompanied by an audio CD and includes transcripts and an answer key.