Easy Italian Reader 2nd edition

Easy Italian Reader 2nd edition
Author: Riccarda Saggese
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 0071849831
Date: 2015
Pages: 272
Format: EPUB
Size: 4.7MB

Enhance your Italian reading skills with this primer for premium results!

Easy Italian Reader Premium is based on the premise that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it, immediately. Suitable for raw beginners to intermediate-level language learners, the new premium edition of this bestselling title features engaging readings of progressive difficulty that allow you to rapidly build comprehension. Includes flashcard sets of new vocabulary for every reading and a 1,500 entry digital glossary.

Quickly build comprehension
Listen to audio recordings of more than 50 readings from the book available online and on the app
Record your answers to review questions, then compare your pronunciation to native speakers