Edexcel Italian Grammar for A Level

Edexcel Italian Grammar for A Level
Author: Zollo Mike, Aust Derek
Publisher: Hodder
Date: 2008
Pages: 363
Format: PDF, DJVU
Size: 66.1MB
Language: English/Italian

Edexcel Italian Grammar for A Level is the comprehensive grammar reference textbook of choice for students studying for A level.
Edexcel Italian Grammar for A Level takes a contemporary approach to language and gives plenty of practice with graded reinforcement exercises. Our contents grid aligns to the latest Edexcel GCE A Level specification, highlighting the language and grammatical structures you need for the AS and A2 exam.
Each chapter covers a specific grammatical point and is divided into three sections:
– Meccanismi provides clear explanations in English with examples in Italian.
– Mettetevi a punto! Includes graded reinforcement exercises to practice what has been explained, with a self-check answer key.
– Mettetevi in moto! offers a range of open-ended communicative activities to encourage and develop the creative use of language using the grammar points covered.