Global Access Mastering Italian

Global Access Mastering Italian
Publisher: Penton Overseas
ISBN: 978-1591258278
Date: 2007
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 617MB

Features: Conversation: Teaches language usage, sentence structure, grammar plus useful vocabulary. Self-paced and interactive. Vocabulary: Learn over 1500 additional words and phrases to add power to your new language: Nouns & Verbs – the basics! Immersion: As good as being there! This collection of conversations with 2-3 speakers heard at both a normal and a slow-speaking pace significantly improves comprehension and develops a sense of the rhythm of the target language. Bonus Travel Survival CD included as a quick reference for essential needs. Culinary Tour DVD offers a video guide to one of travel’s most enduring appeals: Fine local cuisine. Highlighting the foods, the shops and the restaurants of your travel destination, this DVD tour can only enhance your travel experience! MP3 CD with all the audio of the other 8 audio CDs to put on a MP3 player.