Hugo : Italian Advanced

Hugo : Italian Advanced
Author: Reynolds Milena
Publisher: DK
ISBN: 978-1405332866
Date: 2008
Pages: 225
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 433MB

This is a unique book and CD pack which will take you from a basic grasp of Italian to fluency. Pick up this portable book and CD pack and you’ll soon be speaking Italian with ease. Three 70-minute CDs, narrated by native speakers, guide you through the carefully structured, week-by-week course. Learn how to improve your Italian speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Basic grammar is revised and new structures are clearly explained whilst exercises based on real-life scenarios reinforce your understanding of the latest slang, idiom and more advanced grammatical structures. So whether you want to order a macchiato in a rustic cafe in Tuscany or purchase designer clothes in Milan, learning Italian is as easy as uno, due, tre! (Content taken from the previous edition of “Hugo Advanced CD Course: Italian”).


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