Parliamo italiano

Parliamo italiano
Author: Suzanne Branciforte
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0470526804
Date: 2010, 4th ed.
Pages: 604
Format: PDF
Size: 40.3MB
Language: English/Italian

This communicative, culture-based introductory Italian text develops all five language skills by pairing cultural themes with essential grammar points and by organizing units around situations, functions, and regions of Italy. The authors’ belief that language is culture and culture is language is best illustrated by the text’s up-to-date, fresh image of Italy and Italians and by the successful integration of this philosophy as an active, key part of the learning experience.

Parliamo italiano!, 4e brings Italy into the classroom, immersing the reader in the geography, customs, daily routines, literature, music and general culture of Italy, while providing a strong basis for development of basic language skills – reading, writing, speaking, listening and cultural competency.

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