Practice Makes Perfect Italian Pronouns and Prepositions

Practice Makes Perfect Italian Pronouns and Prepositions
Author: Gobetti D.
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 978-1260453478
Date: 2019
Pages: 256
Format: EPUB
Size: 19.5MB
Language: English/Italian

Based on the successful approach of the Practice Makes Perfect series, this accessible guide offers a clear and engaging presentation of all aspects of Italian pronouns and prepositions. This updated edition provides clear explanations of the usage of these two essential elements of grammar along with practical examples illustrating and clarifying each point. You’ll find a variety of exercises for plenty of practice. An answer key at the back of the book offers immediate feedback.
For added practice and study on-the-go, this edition features review quizzes via the exclusive McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app. Audio recordings of the answer key for more than 100 exercises let you check your progress and your pronunciation skills.
Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Pronouns and Prepositions will help you:
Learn the subtleties of how to use pronouns and prepositions
Build your language skills using more than 120 engaging exercises
Reinforce your knowledge with everyday examples covering a wide range of topics
Study on-the-go with audio recordings and review quizzes via the McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app
Develop better pronunciation, and more.
Daniela Gobetti is the assistant director of the Office of International Programs at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the author of Better Reading Italian and Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Vocabulary.