Practice Makes Perfect : Italian Vocabulary

Practice Makes Perfect : Italian Vocabulary
Author: Daniela Gobetti
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 0071482865
Date: 2007
Pages: 256
Format: PDF
Size: 4MB

Go beyond arrivedirci and add thousands of words to your Italian vocabulary
To communicate comfortably in Italian, you need access to a variety of words that are more than just the basics. In Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Vocabulary you get the tools you need to expand your lexicon and sharpen your speaking and writing skills. And how do you this? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Each chapter of this comprehensive book focuses on a theme, such as family or travel, so you can build your language skills in a systematic manner. As you lay the foundation for a burgeoning vocabulary, you will perfect your new words with plenty of exercises and gain the confidence you need to communicate well in Italian.
Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Vocabulary offers you:
More than 250 exercises
Concise grammatical explanations
An answer key to gauge your comprehension
With help from this book, you can easily speak or write in Italian about:
Different occupations and jobs * Italian holidays and traditions * Taking the train * Growing your own garden * Where it hurts on your body * Your house * Your family and friends * What you studied in school * Your favorite TV show * Your family’s background . . . and much more!