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Busuu Japanese
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Learn Japanese with PDFs and audio from busuu.com Premium Beginner and Intermediate Japanese(Levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and Travel Course).
A1: Understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases.
Introduce yourself and others, as well as ask and answer questions about personal details.
Interact in a simple way.

A2: Understand common expressions related to your environment.
Exchange information on familiar matters.
Describe in simple terms your background, environment and needs.

B1: Understand language used in daily life.
Deal with travel situations.
Produce simple connected text on familiar topics.
Describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes, ambitions, opinions and plans.

B2: Understand the main ideas of complex text, even abstract topics.
Interact with natives using a certain degree of fluency.
Produce text explaining a viewpoint on current events.

Travel Course: contains all of the essential words and expressions you need to know when you travel abroad. It also includes a very useful survival phrases PDF.

Suitable for home school

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