Japanese Kanji and verbs for beginners (日本の漢字)

Japanese Kanji and verbs for beginners (日本の漢字)
Japanese Kanji and verbs for beginners (日本の漢字)
Publisher: Udemy
Date: 2015
Format: PDF, MP4
Size: 103MB
Level: Beginner

You can study Japanese basic verbs! It helps to build your Japanese vocabulary skills. Level: JLPT N4-N5(for beginners)

Kanji is one of the Japanese character. The knowledge of Kanji helps you understand Japanese language and cultures.
We will study the Japanese kanji using interesting animation videos in this class. Further, since you also study together basic verbs that are associated with Kanji you learn, you will be able to make up the vocabulary needed for conversation. Let’s start together with us!

Contents and Overview

This course contains over 33 lectures and 1 hour of content. It’s designed for beginners who wishes to get knowledge of Japanese language. In addition, we introduce how to add Japanese keyboard on your PC/smartphone to type Japanese.
Section 2: N5 level : Kanji and verbs(for absolutely beginners)
You will study 12 pieces of Kanji of JLPT N5 level.
Section 3: N5 level : Kanji and verbs(for upper beginners)
You will study 16 pieces of Kanji of JLPT N4 level.
Section 4: N5 level : Kanji and verbs(for intermediate)
You will study 2 pieces of Kanji of JLPT N3 level.

In this class, we well study…
How to write kanji
Let’s study Kanji with interesting animation videos! Through these videos you can master how to write 30 pieces of Kanji. And it helps you to get the meaning of Kanji.
Also, since we are preparing practice notes (PDF), it is downloadable, please try to write down Kanji on it.
basic verbs used in life
You will be able to study 30 basic verbs such as “eat, drink, read”.
Since these verbs are used frequently in your life, it is helpful when you speak Japanese.
In addition, since these verbs will appear on the JLPT N5 test(for beginners), it can also help to prepare for the exam.

All lectures have Japanese subtitles: You are able to train to read the Japanese while listening to Japanese.
Short lecture video: The length of video lecture is around 2 minutes per one. So you can study and build up your vocabulary without the burden.

– little easy Japanese skill(This course is spoken in Japanese only)
how to read Hiragana and Katakana

– 33本のレクチャーと56 分のコンテンツ!
– master how to write 30 pieces of Japanese Kanji (chinese character).
– build up your Japanese vocabulary: basic 30 verbs.(ex: eat, drink, know…etc)
– familiar with Japanese native sounds.

– beginner level of Japanese language
– Japanese learners who prepare JLPT N5/N4 exam.