Japanese Key Expressions for Business

Japanese Key Expressions for Business
Author: Takamizawa Hajime
Publisher: ASK
Date: 1997
Pages: 215
Format: PDF
Size: 26.7MB
Language: English/Japanese

Language is a product of culture. Japanese business culture has also produced various special expressions, and for one who wants to learn Japanese-style business behavior, it is necessary to understand these Japanese business expressions. Each expression may be used in daily conversation too, but when it is used in business or office conversation, it takes on a special connotation. It is helpful for effective business activities in Japan to understand these expressions. The articles in this book are based on a series of articles “Key Expressions for Business”, which were published in the Daily Yomiuri from 1994 to this year. The purpose of these articles is to introduce Japanese business terms and expressions to foreign business people, so together with the introduction of business expressions usages and their synonyms, the author also explains the situation where each expression is used and gives advice on how to use it. All Japanese examples are written in the Roman alphabet and Japanese, and have an English translation.