Ninja Japanese – Modern Japanese for business or students

Ninja Japanese – Modern Japanese for business or students
Publisher: Udemy
Date: 2015
Format: MP4
Size: 591MB

Ninja Japanese centers on real-world communication skills in a modern context.

Modern words such as ‘computer‘, ‘iPhone‘, and ‘video game‘ have had an impact on the Japanese language. This Ninja Japanese course teaches you how to communicate using proper grammatical structure and vocabulary in a modern context. The video lessons are interactive and dynamic. Most include animated diagrams to assist the learning process. Each lesson comes with a matching PDF so you can reinforce your learning and use different techniques to quickly build your ability to communicate in Japanese.

Learn common dialogue such as:

everyday greetings and introducing yourself
correct pronunciation
basic questions and statements
counting for 1 to 100
months, days, and certain time periods (for example ‘next week’)
a really useful vocabulary of both traditional and modern words
Gain cultural insights into Japanese language
This course is perfect for persons who want to travel to Japan on vacation or start learning the language for business. It’s also great for beginner Japanese school students or anyone else who wants to start learning Japanese.