Practice Makes Perfect : Complete Japanese Grammar

Practice Makes Perfect : Complete Japanese Grammar
Author: Eriko Sato
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 978-1-26-046322-4
Date: 2021, 2nd ed.
Pages: 430
Format: EPUB, PDF
Size: 83.5MB
Language: English/Japanese

The most hands-on, practical workbook for learning to read, write and speak Japanese flawlessly

Practice, practice, practice—and improve your ability to read, write and speak Japanese as it’s really used. Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Japanese Grammar, Premium Second Edition has everything you need to progress from beginning to advanced fluency, from clear explanations and practical examples to all the practice required for language mastery.

This updated, new edition boasts audio support online and via mobile app, ensuring you’ll speak the language as well as you write and speak it. The answers to more than 100 exercises in the book have been recorded and are available via the McGraw-Hill Language Lab app, and you can also (depending on your mobile device’s capabilities) record your own answers to compare with native speakers.

200 exercises in 15 units covering all aspects of Japanese grammar, with explanations that include useful/helpful comparisons with English grammar—including hiragana, katakana, and kanji script
Author has a proven teaching record, with extensive experience as an educator and curriculum developer
All example sentences are written in Japanese script, with Romanization alongside to help pronunciation
Exercises for use either in the classroom use or for individual study
New to this edition: recordings of answers to many exercises throughout book