Reading & Writing Japanese

Reading & Writing Japanese
Author: Eriko Sato
Publisher: Tuttle
ISBN: 978-0736983020
Date: 2021
Pages: 130
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 54.8MB
Language: English/Japanese

The easy way to learn the Japanese writing system!
In this beginner’s workbook, students of Japanese will learn to read and write the Hiragana and Katakana alphabets, as well as 50 basic Kanji characters. A step-by-step approach moves from tracing letters to reading and writing complete words quickly and effectively. This book gives you all the tools you need to learn to pronounce, read and write Japanese:
– A thorough overview of the hiragana and katakana alphabets.
– Audio recordings to improve your pronunciation and comprehension.
– A step-by-step approach to writing words and then sentences.
– Practice exercises featuring everyday activities and situations.
– An introduction to 50 key kanji characters.
– flash cards to aid memorization of the characters.

Instead of dealing with separate Hiragana and Katakana workbooks, as is common, this comprehensive guide provides an efficient way to learn both with the help of one book.