The Kodansha Kanji Dictionary

The Kodansha Kanji Dictionary
Author: Jack Halpern
Publisher: Kodansha International
ISBN: 978-1568364087
Date: 2013
Pages: 2112
Format: PDF
Size: 37.2MB
Language: English/Japanese

The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary answers the need for an easy-to-use kanji dictionary that is compact enough to be easily carried around, yet detailed enough to satisfy the practical needs of the serious learner. Its basic goal is to give the learner a thorough understanding of how kanji are used in contemporary Japanese by providing instant access to a wealth of information on the meanings, readings and compounds for the most frequently used kanji. Thanks to the author’s ground-breaking locator system SKIP (System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns), the user can locate characters as quickly and as accurately as in alphabetical dictionaries.