Essential Korean Grammar

Essential Korean Grammar
Author: Laura Kingdon
Publisher: Tuttle
Date: 2015
Pages: 384
Format: EPUB
Size: 15.5MB
Language: English/Korean

Essential Korean Grammar gives you excellent examples that lay out the best grammar options for communicating, and when to use each option.

The grammar items are cleverly rated so you can determine what’s most useful for you to study, based on your Korean knowledge level and your plans. There is a star rating system, from 5 stars (“critical”; with these under your belt you can communicate almost everything you need to say) to 1 star (don’t worry about this unless there’s some reason you need to know it—for example, the TOPIK exam). Essential Korean Grammar is a toolbox to help you form correct and natural-sounding sentences, and determine which grammar you need for reading or writing Korean. It details:

How to combine grammar points with each type of word.
How it is similar to and different from related grammar points.
Commonly used expressions.
Things for learners to watch out for.
The example sentences for each grammar point use simple vocabulary that even a beginner will know. A perfect supplement to any Korean language textbook!