Collins Latin language and Roman culture

Collins Latin language and Roman culture
Author: Ben Harris
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 978-0007450077
Date: 2012
Pages: 304
Format: EPUB
Size: 2.5MB
Language: English/Latin

As straightforward and easy to follow as a Roman road, Collins Latin Language and Roman Culture is the most accessible guide to both the language and the literature of one of the greatest empires the world has known. Starting from basics, it covers all the essential grammar and vocabulary you need to decipher Latin for yourself, before going on to bring Rome’s greatest writers back to life through superb audio recordings, available online. Collins Latin Language and Roman Culture is suitable for complete beginners and improvers alike and makes an ideal companion to the best-selling Collins Latin Dictionary & Grammar. As well as a comprehensive introduction to Latin grammar and usage, it offers an insight into the works of key poets and thinkers. Accompanying recordings of every extract are available online, so you can hear how the texts should sound and can perhaps try reading them aloud yourself. There is ample background information on Roman life and culture along with plenty of exercise material to test your progress as you go. You will also learn about words derived from Latin and the commonest Latin phrases still in use in English today. All this means that with Collins Latin Language and Roman Culture you’ll be well-versed in one of the greatest linguistic influences on modern English.