Teach Yourself – Get Started In Latin

Teach Yourself – Get Started In Latin
Author: Sharpley G.D.A.
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 978-0071739399
Date: 2010
Pages: 320
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 304.15MB
Language: English/Latin

Get Started in Latin requires no prior experience in the language and gives you the opportunity to study at a reasonable, steady pace. This course makes the process nearly painless-it is written in a friendly and supportive tone, and the structure offers you plenty of opportunities for self-practice. You are in control of your learning experience, so you never feel overwhelmed or rushed.
This practical course introduces the new language without inundating you and includes dialogues and exercises, a helpful pronunciation section, manageable lists of practical vocabulary, a glossary of grammar terms, and more.
The accompanying audio CD features recordings by native speakers and contains dialogues from the book as well as exercises in listening and speaking.