Meaning in Interaction : An Introduction to Pragmatics

Meaning in Interaction : An Introduction to Pragmatics
Author: Jenny Thomas
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 978-0-582-29151-5
Date: 2013
Pages: 224
Format: PDF
Size: 18.62MB

This volume is a comprehensive introductory text which discusses the development of pragmatics – its aims and methodology – and also introduces themes that are not generally covered in other texts. It is an ideal introductory textbook for students of linguistics and for all who are interested in analysing problems in communication.
Jenny Thomas focuses on the dynamic nature of speaker meaning, considering the central roles of both speaker and hearer, and takes into account the social and psychological factors involved in the generation and interpretation of utterances.
The book includes a detailed examination of the development of Pragmatics as a discipline, drawing attention to problems encountered in earlier work, and brings the reader up to date with recent discussion in the field.
The book is written principally for students with no previous knowledge of pragmatics, and the basic concepts are covered in considerable detail. Theoretical and more complicated information is highlighted with examples that have been drawn from the media, fiction and real-life interaction, and makes the study more accessible to newcomers.