Thinking Arabic Translation

Thinking Arabic Translation
Author: Dickins James, Hervey Sándor, Higgins Ian
Publisher: Routledge
Date: 2017, 2nd ed.
Pages: 332
Format: PDF
Size: 2.16MB
Language: English/Arabic

This book is a practical course in translation from Arabic to English. It grew out of a course piloted at the University of Durham in the 1990s and has its origins in Thinking Translation, a course in French–English translation by Sándor Hervey and Ian Higgins, fi rst published in 1992. The second edition of Thinking Arabic Translation draws on a dozen years’ further experience of teaching Arabic>English translation, as well as refi nements to the treatment of issues, such as cultural transposition, compensation and genre, in subsequent editions of Thinking French Translation, Thinking German Translation, Thinking Spanish Translation and Thinking Italian Translation. This book also contains topics not found in the versions for European languages, dealing with various forms of repetition and parallelism in Arabic, as well as a chapter on metaphor, which poses specifi c challenges in Arabic>English translation.

James Dickins thanks the University of Leeds for giving him extended study leave, which allowed him to complete the second edition of this book. He also thanks the numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students at the universities of Durham, Salford and Leeds whose insights and positive criticisms since 2002 have been vital to the development of this second edition. He thanks for their particular help Ahmed Elgindy, Tajul Islam, Miranda Morris and Mustapha Sheikh, as well as three anonymous reviewers who provided very useful comments on a previous draft.