Basic course in spoken Nepali

Basic course in spoken Nepali
Author: Karki Tika B., Shrestha Chij K.
Publisher: Peace Corps
Date: 1988
Pages: 286
Format: PDF, DJVU, MP3
Size: 72.1MB
Language: English/Nepali

This book is written with the needs of Peace Corps volunteers of Nepal in mind but is equally useful for any foreigners who want to learn Nepali. The material presented here is based on spoken Nepali. Effort has been made to make the material both linguistically and culturally authentic as far as possible.
The present edition contains a number of corrections and additions. An entire new section has been added on Reading and Writing. This was done with a view to meeting the needs of those who wish to learn how to read and write. Also added are (i) some Nepali idioms (ii) adverbial expressions, and (iii) common Nepali proverbs which we hope the learners will find useful.