An Introduction to Persian

An Introduction to Persian
Author: Wheeler M. Thackston
Publisher: IBEX
ISBN: 1588140555
Date: 2009
Pages: 324
Format: PDF
Size: 6.18MB

A comprehensive grammar of modern, classical & colloquial Persian. Includes glossary. Accompanying set of tapes useful for pronunciation is available.
“This long awaited text once more demonstrates Professor Thackston’s mastery over the Persian language and its intricacies, both in its modern and classical form. Thackston makes Persian grammar clear and understandable. His emphasis is on the spoken and written language in today’s Iran, on the Persian which is taught in schools and spoken and understood by all the different ethnic groups in Iran.This new edition is a major contribution for those involved in teaching the Persian language. It also makes the learning of Persian more accessible and enjoyable.” – Haleh Esfandiari, Princeton University, Middle East Studies Association Bulletin. “.both meticulous and systematic, without being idiosyncratic.” – Brian Spooner, University of Pennsylvania, -AACAR Bulletin