Polish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

Polish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Publisher: DK
ISBN: 1465469168
Date: 2018
Pages: 360
Format: PDF
Size: 115.07MB
Language: English/Polish

With the help of a new free audio app, this revised and updated bilingual visual dictionary will help you improve your Polish vocabulary and pronunciation by seeing and hearing more than 7,000 terms.

Full-color images with detailed labels display all the elements of everyday life-from the home and office to sports, music, nature, and the countries of the world-with boxed features on key nouns, verbs, and useful phrases. Current words and phrases are featured. This handy travel-sized guide also includes a detailed index for instant reference.

The audio app, available for Apple (from the App Store) and Android (from Google Play), enables you to hear words and phrases spoken by native Polish speakers. Download the app and scan in the book’s barcode. Once you’ve unlocked your book and downloaded the audio files, you can enter any page number to find the word or phrase you’re looking for to help improve your pronunciation.

With thematic organization and full-color images, the Polish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary offers a user-friendly and intuitive reference for language learning, making it easy for readers to master important vocabulary, whether a student, tourist, or business traveler.