Portuguese : A Reference Manual

Portuguese : A Reference Manual
Author: Sheila R. Ackerlind , Rebecca Jones-Kellogg
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292726635 , 0292726732
Date: 2011
Pages: 366
Format: PDF
Size: 3.79MB

An essential, comprehensive guide for all who are interested in learning the Portuguese language and mastering its complexities, Portuguese: A Reference Manual supplements the phonetic and grammatical explanations offered in basic textbooks. While the Manual focuses on Brazilian Portuguese, it incorporates European Portuguese variants and thus provides a more complete description of the language. Accessible to non-linguists and novice language learners, as well as informative for instructors of Portuguese and specialists in other languages, this guide incorporates the Orthographic Accord (in effect since 2009-2010), which attempts to standardize Portuguese orthography.

The Manual reflects the language as it is currently taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels by providing detailed explanations of the sound and writing systems and the grammar of the principal Portuguese dialects. A reference guide rather than a textbook, the Manual also provides extensive verb charts, as well as comparisons of Portuguese with English and Spanish.

“This book provides an incredible wealth of information, including details and examples not found elsewhere. A worthy project.” John Jensen Professor of Modern Languages, Florida International University