The Everything Brazilian Portuguese Phrase Book

The Everything Brazilian Portuguese Phrase Book
Author: Fernanda Ferreira
Date: 2012
Pages: 290
Size: 3.14MB
Language: English/Portuguese

The ultimate phrase guide for travel, business, and more!

“I’ll have the chicken dish, please.” “How do you get to the theater?”
“Let’s set up a meeting.”

Packed with everything you’ll need to understand–and be understood by–Brazilian-Portuguese speakers, this pocket guide is the ultimate translator to have on an airplane, in a boardroom, at a restaurant, and anywhere else this beautiful language is spoken. Conveniently organized by subject and situation, this handy guide includes information on:

  • How to make introductions, professionally and casually
  • Ordering food in restaurants (with phrases for special diets and allergies)
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Explaining medical emergencies to doctors
  • Crafting status updates and tweets online
  • Slang phrases for casual chatting

Complete with Brazilian Portuguese-English and English-Brazilian Portuguese dictionaries for quick reference, The Everything Brazilian Portuguese Phrase Book gives you the right words and phrases–whatever the situation!