Teach Yourself Romanian

Teach Yourself Romanian
Author: Deletant Dennis, Alexandrescu Yvonne
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Date: 2003
Pages: 277
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 74.5MB
Language: English/Romanian

Romanian, because of its Latin origin and the fact that it has borrowed words from other Romance languages, will be recognisable to anyone who knows French or Italian. This book/CD course introduces both colloquial and written forms of Romanian. The emphasis is on learning to use Romanian in a variety of situations. No knowledge of grammatical terminology is assumed but traditional grammatical terms are included for those who are familiar with them. Most of the 2,000 words introduced in the course are those frequently used in everyday conversation, and many of the vocabulary items are listed in the Romanian-English and English-Romanian vocabularies at the end of the book. The 20 carefully graded units of dialogues, culture notes, grammar and exercises give you all you need to be able to cope with a whole range of situations and participate fully and confidently in all aspects of Romanian life. The page design has been improved and sections headings are given in English to make it easier for you to learn Romanian without a teacher. The accompanying recording (cassette or CD) has been recorded by native speakers and gives 70 minutes of listening practice. The recording is available separately or in a pack with the book.