A Russian Grammar Workbook

A Russian Grammar WorkbookE
Author: Terence Wade David Gillespie
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9781118273418
Date: 2012, 2nd ed.
Pages: 272
Format: PDF
Size: 2.4MB
Language: English/Russian

The second edition of A Russian Grammar Workbook provides a rigorous and hands-on approach to Russian grammar for students who are intent on mastering the nuance and complexities of this language. Revised and updated version of the popular and comprehensive workbook offering detailed coverage of all aspects of Russian grammar New edition reflects changes in Russian lexis and grammar over the past few years Features over 230 sets of structured exercises Packed with activities ranging from substitution drills and multiple choice questions, to grammatical quizzes and translation exercises May be used independently or in conjunction with Wade s A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, 3rd edition; a transparent structure links directly to the Grammar for ease of reference between the two volumes