Glossika Russian Fluency 1-3

Glossika Russian Fluency 1-3
Author: Mike Campbell, Ksenia Ortyukova
Publisher: Glossika
Date: 2014
Pages: 370, 370, 370
Format: PDF, MP3 (gsm+gsr)
Size: 7.01GB

This package includes Glossika Mass Sentence (GMS) recordings with 50 sentences per file in 3 formats: GMS-A (source-target-target), GMS-B (source-blank-target) and GMS-C (target language only); and Glossika Spaced Repetition (GSR) recordings with over 300 days of training, each day training 10 new sentences and reviewing 40 sentences for a total of 54,000 repetitions.

•Fluency training for serious language learners.
•Recommended as supplementary training to your current studies; some working knowledge required; good for brushing up or breaking through plateau.
•1000 bilingual sentences with pronunciation guide.
•Complete course includes book + audio.
•Authentic language used by native speakers, building up sentence structures.
•Straight-through recordings are called GMS; 100-day spaced repetition are called GSR.

•If you’re serious about getting fluent in 3 months, follow our intensive schedule to finish Glossika Fluency 1-3 in 3 months.
•Training of 3000 sentences, cumulatively surpassing much more than 3000 vocabulary words, but always used in context as collocations.