Hack Your Russian Pronunciation

Hack Your Russian Pronunciation
Publisher: Udemy
Date: 2021
Length: 11h 14m
Format: MP4
Size: 8.21GB
Language: English/Russian

Welcome to my course “Hack Your Russian Pronunciation”. This is a unique course on Russian pronunciation that includes the best modern techniques you cannot find on the Internet or in textbooks. During this Russian course, you will not only improve your Russian pronunciation, but you will also discover some interesting facts about Russian language and boost your Russian vocabulary. The instructor does not only show how to pronounce certain Russian sounds, but also provides easy tips on how to make it easy and fast. The greatest value of this course is practical tasks that will engage you in the process and help you work on your Russian pronunciation with fun by singing excerpts from Russian songs that we analyze together.

Some important notes about this course

Please, note that this is not a traditional course of Russian pronunciation. In this course, I am using unconventional but extremely effective techniques to improve your Russian pronunciation. Traditional techniques that you can easily find in many Russian textbooks are good only in theory but they cannot help you sound like a native. I have tested and collected the best and most effective techniques to help you improve your pronunciation easy, fast and with lots of fun!