Just Listen ‘n Learn Russian

Just Listen ‘n Learn Russian
Author: Halya Coynash
Publisher: Passport Books
Date: 1993
ISBN: 978-0844284538
Pages: 224
Format: MP3, PDF
Size: 262MB

Just Listen ‘n Learn Russian
Cassette Rip 128kbps MP3 + PDF scan

This Just Listen ‘n Learn Language Program is a complete and
integrated mini-course to teach you to speak, read, and
understand Russian quickly and with real confidence.

Just Listen ‘n Learn Russian has basic communication as
its primary objective—expressing yourself and understanding
others in Russian. The program consists of three
60-minute recordings and this course book.

The recordings were done on location in Russia. They guide you
through a series of real, authentic conversations, each recorded
live. Accompanying the recordings is this easy-to-follow course
book that reproduces the recorded dialogues, explains all
the vocabulary and key phrases included, and provides
complete step-by-step explanations of Russian grammar.
There are also practice exercises with answers, a full
vocabulary index, summary and review units, as well as
essential travel and cultural information.

The 15 units included on the recordings and in the book are
organized around basic communication needs
• Talking about Yourself and Others • Getting Information
• Obtaining and Following Directions • Making Travel
Arrangements • Eating and Drinking • Shopping
and many more practical topics.

Just Listen ‘n Learn Russian allows you to succeed in Russian
and communicate with confidence.