Prepare for TORFL with Russian for Complete Beginners

Prepare for TORFL with Russian for Complete Beginners
Author: Julia Ogarkova
Publisher: Udemy
Date: 2015
Length: 5 hrs
Format: MP4, PDF
Size: 599MB (rarred 179.8MB)
Language: Beginner

Acquire basic fluency in Russian based on the Elementary Level of the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. (TORFL)

Russian Language for Complete Beginners Part 1 is perfect for complete beginners wishing to acquire basic Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing skills in Russian and is suitable for both casual learners and students who are working towards the Elementary Level of the official qualification in the Russian language called “Test of Russian as a Foreign Language” (TORFL).

TORFL is a standard requirement when it comes to either seeking employment or furthering your education in Russia. Part 1 of this course is based on half of the Curriculum and vocabulary requirements of the Elementary Level of this qualification to be completed in Part 2 of this course. As a result, this course can be used as an additional comprehensive resource alongside private study.

Russian Language for Complete Beginners Part 1 consists of 20 informative screencast lessons (over 4 hours of content) that will vary in length and difficulty depending on the topic and the amount of new material in each lecture.

Students will be provided with all necessary study materials such as printable PDF files of the material used in video lessons, that can be printed out before each lecture in order to follow and refer back to the content, as well as reference Supplementary Materials with additional vocabulary lists and further explanations for those studying for the TORFL qualification and “Test Yourself” files with tests and exercises for all students with various tasks and answers to monitor students’ progress with each lesson. There will also be an additional test after Lesson 10 and a quiz after Lesson 20.

Starting from Lesson 5, students will also be able to create a personal profile based on the examples given that can be adapted to describe each individual student.

Each lesson will state the amount of new words introduced to the students so it will be possible to organize and build your own individual vocabulary list at your own pace choosing the words you would like to memorize. When organizing your vocabulary you can either group the words according to the topic or list them alphabetically. Each lesson will also come with a timeline for ease of navigation and to help find the required material.

Students of this course will benefit from unlimited access to both video and printed materials anytime, anywhere and will be able to ask the instructor any course related questions at anytime.

The structure of this course ensures that, rather than just learning new words in Russian, students will be provided with skills to understand the way the language works, which in turn will allow them to use new vocabulary appropriately and independently in conversations.