Russian Punctuation and Related Symbols

Russian Punctuation and Related Symbols
Author: Edward J. Vaida , Valentina Umanets
Publisher: Slavica Publications
Date: 2004
ISBN: 0893572756
Pages: 266
Format: PDF
Size: 33MB

This is the first pedagogical description of Russian punctuation ever written for English-speaking students . Designed for the advanced beginner or intermediate student , it can likewise be used profitably by fluent speakers who desire to improve their command of written Russian . Beginning with an overview of Russian syntactic categories , the book moves on to cover each Russian punctuation device and its rules of usage in Written Standard Russian . Special emphasis is placed on instances where English and Russian use the same mark of punctuation for different purposes . A final section describes the functions of other punctuation-like symbols , such as the hyphen , the capital letter , the slash , and the period used in abbeviations . Each section is accompanied by exercises structured to test comprehension of the material as it is being covered . An appendix provides suggested solutions to all exercises . This book fills an important gap in English-language teaching of Russian and should be used in every undergraduate Russian language program .