Russian Vocabulary

Russian Vocabulary
Author: Beverly Michaels
Publisher: Barcharts / Quickstudy Academic
ISBN: 9781423246244
Date: 2021
Pages: 6
Format: PDF
Size: 6.52MB
Language: English/Russian

Essential vocabulary expected of students taking Russian language courses. This 6 page laminated guide has over one thousand words organized by subject categories that match your textbook word categories. Having those translations in one handy guide for quick access as a refresher, test review or to find a word fast will help commit those words to memory. Since it is not just the words themselves that need reinforcement but in the Russian language the Cyrillic alphabet must be learned – it is the first thing covered in a course, word lists can boost connection from the English to Russian translation using the alphabet. This inexpensive and handy tool is guaranteed to boost grades and increase your ability to communicate.