Ultimate Russian Beginner-Intermediate

Ultimate Russian Beginner-Intermediate
Publisher: Living Language
Date: 2004
Pages: 510
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 474MB
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

This deluxe course has everything you need to learn Russian from scratch or to revive the Russian that you learned years ago. Ultimate Russian combines conversation and culture in an easy-to-follow, enjoyable, and effective format. It’s the perfect way to learn Russian for school, for travel, for work, or for personal enrichment. In this book you’ll find:
40 lessons with lively dialogues including the most common and useful idiomatic expressions.
English translations and explanations of Russian grammar and usage, pronunciation, vocabulary, and culture notes.
Quizzes and review sections to check your progress.
A complete summary of Russian grammar, and verb charts covering all major tenses.
A section on letter writing for business or social occasions.
An extensive two-way glossary.
Up-to-date computer and Internet vocabulary, information on euros, and more!