Basic Spanish for Social Services 2nd edition

Basic Spanish for Social Services 2nd edition
Author: Ana Jarvis, Luis Lebredo
Publisher: Heinle Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495902640
Date: 2010
Pages: 304
Format: PDF
Size: 16.1MB

As a key component of The Basic Spanish Series, BASIC SPANISH FOR SOCIAL SERVICES is a career manual designed to serve those in the social services professions who seek basic conversational skills in Spanish. Written for use in two-semester or three-quarter courses, it presents everyday situations that preprofessionals and professionals may encounter when dealing with Spanish-speaking clients, patients, and personnel in the United States at work settings such as hospitals and Department of Social Services offices.

BASIC SPANISH FOR SOCIAL SERVICES introduces practical vocabulary, everyday on-the-job situations, and culture notes (Notas culturales) written from a cross-cultural perspective. It provides students with opportunities to apply, in a wide variety of practical contexts, the grammatical structures presented in the corresponding lessons of the Basic Spanish core text.