Author: Joy Renjilian Burgy, Ana Beatriz Chiquito, Susan Mraz
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 978-0618957705
Date: 2007, 3rd ed
Pages: 517
Format: PDF
Size: 99.54MB
Language: English/Spanish

Caminos, Third Edition, promotes and inspires language learning by exposing beginning Spanish students to the diversity of cultures and language in the Spanish-speaking world. Caminos fosters speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills within a highly motivating and content-rich cultural context. Meaningful and useful vocabulary and grammar provide structural and thematic frameworks, which spiral throughout the Caminos program. The program’s systematic pacing and recycling of material supports
students as they advance their capabilities from description to narration to analysis and argumentation in Spanish. Students of varying backgrounds and ages as well as those who have different learning styles all experience linguistic growth and cultural
acquisition through both written and oral activities.