Medical Spanish Made Incredibly Easy!

Medical Spanish Made Incredibly Easy!
Author: David Moreau
Publisher: Lippincott
ISBN: 0781789419
Date: 2008
Pages: 352
Format: PDF
Size: 8.87MB

Medical Spanish Made Incredibly Easy! 3e provides conversational health-care-related Spanish words and phrases to help health care professionals communicate easily with Spanish-speaking patients, one of the fastest-growing patient populations. This guide features questions and instructions that cover health problems, history, and lifestyle for all body systems, plus medications, procedures, and nutrition. The book also includes a dictionary of key terms, a picture dictionary of common objects, basic rules of Spanish pronunciation and grammar, clear body-system illustrations with callouts in both languages, indexes in English and Spanish, and hundreds of accompanying audio files with correct pronunciations of medical terms in both English and Spanish. Useful in any clinical setting (including MD and NP offices; subacute, acute, and long-term-care facilities; school and community clinics; and the workplace), the book includes everything clinicians need to put Spanish-speaking patients at ease, aid diagnosis and treatment, and improve compliance.