Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Construction

Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Construction
Author: Jean Yates
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Date: 2008
Pages: 208
Format: PDF
Size: 0.5MB
Language: English/Spanish

Talk with your Spanish-speaking employees–no prior knowledge of Spanish needed!

Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Construction gives you more than 500 vital words and phrases specific to working on commercial and residential job sites, with translations spelled out phonetically so you can say what you need to say immediately.

Space the wall studs sixteen inches apart.Clave los montantes a una distancia de dieciséis pulgadas. (KLAH-beh lohs mohn-TAHN-tess ah oo-nah dee-STAHN-s’yah deh d’yeh-see-SACE pool-GAH-thahs)

Put up the walls. Pare las paredes. (PAH-reh lahs-pah-REH-thess)

Use the bulldozer.Use la niveladora. (OO-seh lah nee-bell-ah-THOR-ah)

Learn the Spanish words and phrases for: exchanging pleasantries • interviewing potential employees • discussing pay rate and taxes • giving instructions • terminating an employee • establishing work hours • explaining safety and emergency procedures • praising good work

With Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Construction, you can overcome the language barrier and develop a more comfortable, productive environment at your worksite.