Schaum’s Outline of Spanish Vocabulary

Schaum’s Outline of Spanish Vocabulary
Author: Conrad J. Schmitt
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 0071543910
Date: 2008, 3rd edition
Pages: 288
Format: PDF
Size: 10.7MB

This book contains 30 chapters each based on a content theme, such as airplane travel, sports, government and politics, clothes, food, hospital care, etc. Every chapter contains a narrative or dialogue which introduces new words relevant to the theme of the chapter. Then the learner can respond to questions based on the narrative or dialogue. Other vocabulary learning exercises include: identifying items in a picture; responding to questions based on a picture; giving synonyms; or other similar exercises. Having illustrations is a real plus because it gives the learner an opportunity to associate the item directly with the Spanish word. Chapters often include comments on regional variations and expressions.